CURE_XF - Maroun Elmoujabber


Innovation & Youth Entrepreneurship In The Mediterranean Agro-Food Sector

Specialised Advanced Course in September 16 – November 22, 2019

Program coordination: Damiano Petruzzella

Tutor: Gabriella Gentile

The course aims to empower the younger generation and improve their employability opportunities by promoting their active involvement in the economic development of their regions. Students will be able to improve entrepreneurial culture, to contribute to the design, development and implementation of innovative projects, to launch new business initiatives (start-ups), to provide consultancy services for innovation processes and methods (innovation brokers).
Startup & Business management, Agro-food innovation, Social Innovation in agribusiness, Start-up creation in the agro-food sector will be the major areas developed in the course. Students will use the most innovative techniques and tools that are used in the fields of service design, design thinking, trend-watching, lean start-up, growth hacking and brand identity, which are capable of creating memorable and successful experiences and start-ups.On completation of the training course, the students will have acquired knowledge skills, personal skills and practical skills, useful to creating thier own startups, becaming an innovation manager or becoming an innovation broker.


Manager(s) for CURE_XF : Maroun Elmoujabber
Administrator for : Onofrio Lorusso
Phone : +39 0804606231
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